Food Donations

Food Donations
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Every day of summer camp, over 70 volunteers show up BIG for our campers! By keeping our volunteers well nourished, we are able to bring our full energy and attention to being excellent mentors for our campers. Volunteers donate time and talent to our program that defines who we are as an organization. Without them we would not make the impact we do. We also feed campers a snack every afternoon!

Food costs are one of our larger expenses every year. Since many people are asking how to help, we are welcoming donations to specifically cover this cost.

Our long-term goals include a facility of our own with a full kitchen or cafeteria space, which will allow us to feed both volunteers and campers.

If you have a food related resource and can help facilitate a donation from a restaurant or other food provider, please email us at Discounts and donations from restaurants and snack or drink food companies can be helpful!