I wish this was around when I was a girl!

It’s not too late! We offer Ladies Rock Camp, a three-day rock n’ roll boot camp, to women ages 18 and up.

I want to come to your camp but I don’t live in Los Angeles. Can I still come?

Yes! You do not have to live in L.A. to attend camp. We have had campers come from as far away as Boston, Chicago, Greece and Mexico. If you are coming from out-of-town, know that we are not an overnight camp and we do not provide accommodations or meals.

I want to come to your camp but L.A. is too far from where I live. What can I do?

There are girls rock camps all over the United States and in other countries too! There are so many that we can’t keep track of them all. Luckily for everyone, the Girls Rock Camp Alliance does keep track and you can see the list under the “Find a Camp” menu of their website.

Are you hiring?

We are not not hiring at this time. We encourage you to volunteer if you’d like to be involved. You can find more information about volunteering here.

Can men volunteer?

Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles is strongly rooted in valuing female leadership and mentorship. We believe in giving girls as many chances as possible to see all kinds of self-identified women and girls in positions of leadership, including teaching positions. We welcome support from self-identified males, trans, gender-nonconforming and all gender identities and expressions. Several of our volunteer positions are suitable for everyone. We expect all of our volunteers to respect the importance of female leadership and mentorship.

Do the girls have to like rock n’ roll music to participate in this camp?

No. The term “rock n’ roll” is meant as an ethos, not literal musical style. Girls who come to camp, as well as our instructors, are into all genres of music. We expose girls to a variety of styles, and we encourage them to be creative.